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Contact Lenses

We know sometimes glasses are not for everyone or every situation, which is why we also offer fittings of contact lenses. 

For contacts, we will do a separate contact lens fitting exam that will include fitting, insertion and removal, and include trials of contacts where necessary.

We offer contacts for a wide variety of prescriptions. We have contact lens options to account for Astigmatism, Dry Eyes, Electronic Fatigue Syndrome,  Multi-focal, and now offering MoonLens nighttime wear and MiSight myopia correction lenses. 

Myopia correction


With MOONLENS, our office can now offer our patients a modern myopia management treatment that allows more fitting options for a wider range of patients to achieve vision correction and visual freedom, overnight.

Follow the link to learn about the risks of developing nearsightedness or myopia.  

MiSight Myopia Management

MiSight myopia management is now available at Aris Eye Care, P.C.  MiSight are soft, daily disposable lenses that correct your child's vision while slowing the development of nearsightedness.  Healthy and safe, these lenses are making waves!  Click on the Eye to Learn More!.  

Over 9.6 Million Americans are highly nearsighted.  That number continues to grow as we spend more time indoors and on electronic devices.

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