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The vision of Aris Eye Care P.C., is to provide a Christ-like example of love and service. 


The mission statement for Aris Eye Care P.C., is to improve the quality of life of every patient that seeks our help through eye care and spiritual encouragement. 


Aris Eye Care was founded in May of 2014 by Dr. Teresa Aris in order to pursue this vision and mission for providing good quality eye care services to people of all ages in the Lakeview area. 

On June 10th, 2016 Aris Eye Care, P.C. entered an agreement with Visionsmith in Edmore for a transfer of care and patient information. Starting July 1st 2016, all of Dr. Smith's current patients will be receiving care from Dr. Aris in Lakeview. Aris Eye Care, P.C. wishes Dr. Smith and his wife a great life in their retirement!



Dr. Teresa Aris


Dr. Aris graduated from the Michigan College of Optometry at Ferris State University in 2005. Completing a residency in primary care and ocular disease management, Dr. Aris went on to achieve Advanced Competency in Medical Optometry certification, a Master of Science degree and fellowship in the American Academy of Optometry. She was Associate Clinical Professor at the Michigan College of Optometry for 8 years prior to opening her current private practice in beautiful Lakeview, MI. Dr. Aris strives to bring the best of eye health care to patients in the Mecosta and Montcalm area.

Carol Whiteside


Carol joined the staff of Aris Eye Care to provide office support and to continue to keep up with the demand of the office. Carol will be one of the ones you'll talk to on the phone when you call to schedule your appointment. She helps keep our office running smoothly! Look for her behind the front desk on select days during the week!


Amy Evans

Amy is our Optician extraordinaire!  Ask her all of your eyewear questions, she is happy to help.  She joined Aris Eye Care in 2019 and we have been blessed by her presence and heart warming laugh ever since.  She enjoys camping in the summer time with her husband and watching the antics of her cat Carmen.

Paula's cow_edited.jpg
Paula Colburn


Paula has been our Jane-of-all-trades since 2023.  She will schedule your appointment, check you in and out and run some of our ophthalmic instruments at the start of your eye exam.  She is also spending time with Amy learning about eyeglass lenses and frame adjusting.  She enjoys painting and spending time with her cat.  See more of her artwork on her Facebook page: The Hectic hermit.  

Community Involvement

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