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Frames and Lenses

We want you to find the best frames and lenses that fulfill all your optical needs. We offer glasses for Full Day Wear, Computer and Blue-Light Blocking Lenses, Prescription Sunglasses, Non-Prescription Sunglasses, Safety Eyewear, and Sport Eyewear. 

Take the short Eye Glass Guide quiz to find out what lenses, frames, and styles work best to provide you the greatest optical and vision benefits. Print out the results and bring it with you your appointment!!

With over 300 frames in office and countless options available at our fingertips, you Will find what you are looking for at Aris Eye Care, PC.  Not only do we have great frame selections, our optician, Amy, will help you find the frame that will fit and feel the best on. 

Frames are just one piece of the puzzle.  Choosing the right eyeglass lens features are critical for the best visual clarity, eyeglass comfort and best look!

With prices that will please any budget, look no further than right here at your local Eye Wear supplier, Aris Eye Care, P.C.!


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We have accounts with many various frame manufacturers including, but not limited to Charmant Optical, Marchon USA, Kenmark Optical, Kasperek Optical, Modern Optical, Modo, Eyes of Faith, Aspex Eyewear Group , and Priority Eyewear. A few of the brands are listed below, feel free to checkout these brands/manufacturers and let us know your favorite styles prior to your appointment! 

Eyeglass Lenses

So many lens features, so little time!  Click the buttons to find more information.  Click on the eye to e-mail our office.  Include your contact information and we can schedule an appointment with our optician to discuss what lenses are right for you!

Blue Light

Blue light is the visible light spectrum that ranges between 400nm and 500nm.  LED light sources give off the most blue light as compared to incandescent and fluorescent.  All back-lit screens such as computers, phones and other electronic devices rely on LED light.  Excessive blue light exposure has been linked to several health conditions including sleep deprivation and headaches.  Ask our optician about lens options to protect you and your child's eyes.  Click the link for more information!

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